I am please to announce on this the evening of the tenth of June, 2011, that the domain name PanaxGinseng.net has been sold in a private transaction.

The two-word, keyword-rich, high-quality sub-premium domain name contains the exact term “panax ginseng”. Panax Ginseng is an herb (a root to be specific) that is commonly used in popular supplements. These products claim that extracts of various forms of the ginseng root promote everything from physical and mental stamina/endurance to improved oxygen absorption.

Some of the health benefits of ginseng listed on other websites include the following:

  • Stress reduction
  • Improved performance and energy levels
  • Improved memory
  • Improved immune function
  • Blood pressure stabilization
  • Reduction in blood sugar and blood pressure (in individuals with hypertension)
  • Improved sexual performance (including in men with erectile dysfunction)
  • Unspecified anti-aging benefits

The above is just a partial list of the herb’s purported benefits. Like the FDA, I cannot personally verify or substantiate any of those claims, and the substance is “not intended to diagnose, treat or cure” any disease or illness.

I can testify that I have personally taken ginseng supplements. I used them mostly when I was in high school and college as I was actively involved in athletics (soccer, basketball, football and rugby). I took it for improved physical stamina. Whether it helped or not is a matter open for debate. I was a phenomenal athlete in my younger years, but whether or not the ginseng had anything to do with the fact that I could at one point jog four miles in 25 minutes while barely breaking a sweat is anyone’s guess.

In any case, someone believed the domain name PanaxGinseng.net was worth enough to persuade me to sell it. Worth noting, I accepted considerably less for the name than I would have under different circumstances.

Other (non-domaining related) aspects of my career have blossomed here in the past year or so, and I have been dedicating increasing amounts of time to pursuing other IT-related opportunities. I have plans to develop about 100-150 of my domains that are not already developed, and would like to sell most of the others. My portfolio as a whole is becoming somewhat burdensome, and I am getting to a point where I am willing to let go of names that I’m not absolutely attached or committed to for less than I think they are worth on the open market with an active seller.

The final sale price came out to a hair shy of $800. I think I could have probably gotten $1,o00+ had I the desire to hold out and haggle. Ultimately, for a two-word dot net that I am never going to put serious time and effort into, the buyer’s offer was just enough to get me to pull the trigger.

If there’s any lesson in all of this for all of you domainers who are looking to add quality inventory, it’s that now is the right time to be contacting me about any of the premium domain names (and sub-premiums) found at FatLester.com.

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2 Responses to “Panax Ginseng Domain Name (panaxginseng.net) Has Sold”

  1. Matt Sharp on June 11th, 2011 at 10:10 pm

    From what I know the ginseng is used to lose fat but you can be right about the stamina . Maybe it wasn’t a bad deal after all …

  2. admin on June 16th, 2011 at 3:26 pm

    Matt, thanks for commenting, and for checking out the post!


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